WCG "Born Again" Doctrinal Change

by Karen Elizabeth Ray

With a few articles and a sermon tape — all loaded with errors — the leaders of the Worldwide Church of God succeeded in convincing most of their members that Herbert W. Armstrong's teaching on the subject of "born again" had been wrong. Thousands were deceived by nonsense and double talk masquerading as thoughtful scholarship. In reality, Herbert Armstrong's teaching was ironclad, and the WCG leaders had failed to even dent it.

This is a record of more than 50 errors made by Joseph W. Tkach, K.J. Stavrinides, Bernard W. Schnippert, and Joseph Tkach Jr.

(Not all of the errors in this list have supporting evidence linked to them yet.)

1. Herbert Armstrong's Purpose in Explaining "Born Again"

2. "Born Again" as Doctrine

3. Church's Original Definition of Gennao

4. The Greek Word Gennao

5. Definitions of Beget and Begotten

6. Matthew 1:20

7. Herbert Armstrong's Understanding of Begotten

8. Herbert Armstrong's Understanding of the Difference Between Beget and Conceive

9. Herbert Armstrong's Awareness of the Archaic Definition of Begotten

10. The 1611 Definition of Beget

11. A Contradictory Definition of Begotten

12. Bible Terminology for Fetuses

13. When a Man Becomes a Father

14. The Greek Word Teknon

15. Word Definitions

16. The Greek Word Anagennao

17. Conception Analogy

18. Spiritual Fetuses

19. Bible Analogies

20. "Newborn Babes" Analogy

21. "Born Again" Analogy

22. Definition of Firstborn

23. Biblical Use of Firstborn

24. Firstborn/Resurrection Analogy

25. Christ as the Son of God Duality

26. "You Are Gods"

27. Psalm 2:7

28. Verb Tenses and Definitions

29. Verbs and Context

30. Difficult Scriptures

31. Using Commentaries

32. Herbert W. Armstrong's Use of Commentaries

33. Nicodemus' Attitude

34. Addressing Christ as "Rabbi"

35. Nicodemus and Christ as Messiah

36. Entering the Kingdom of God

37. Nicomdemus' Comprehension of Christ's Explanation

38. Another View of Nicodemus' Comprehension of Christ's Explanation

39. The Physical and Spiritual

40. Flesh and Spirit

41. The Marvel Spoken of in the Book of John

42. The Jews' Understanding of Conversion

43. Birth/Resurrection Analogy

44. Coming and Going Like the Wind

45. Those Born of the Spirit

46. Context of John 3

47. 1 Corinthians 15

48. Romans 8

49. A Series of Misunderstandings

50. Double-Talk

51. Admitting Error

Note: The Worldwide Church of God changed its name to Grace Communion International in 2009.

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