A Series of Misunderstandings

Bernard Schnippert had the audacity to claim that Herbert Armrstrong's "born again" teaching was based on "a series of misunderstandings." It has been proven abundantly in the preceding pages that the new "born again" teaching is the one actually based on a series of misunderstandings.

The Error

Bernard Schnippert, "The Breathtaking Miracle of Being Born from Above," Worldwide News, February 3, 1992:
"Through a series of misunderstandings we came to believe that the expression 'born again' could refer to the resurrection."

The Truth

Herbert W. Armstrong, Just What Do You Mean — Born Again?:
"Being 'born again' has been tragically misunderstood and misrepresented!"

"I want to make this crystal clear. Millions of sincere professing Christians believe that when they profess Christ (or receive His Holy Spirit) they are 'born again.'"

"The conversion in this life — receiving the Holy Spirit — is only a begettal — NOT a birth."

"Being born again refers to the time — the future state — when we shall BE spirit, no longer flesh and blood — born actually by the resurrection." (pp. 1, 19, 29, 34)


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