Spiritual Fetuses

Joseph Tkach Jr. falsely reasoned that the spiritual-fetus antitype must be like its physical-fetus type in every detail or stand discredited. But Bible types and antitypes do not have to be alike in every detail. Spiritual fetuses are not in waiting to be able to walk and talk, but to be able to travel and communicate by spiritual means. They are developing toward a higher plane of existence than this present physical life.

The Error

Joseph Tkach Jr., "Born from Above," sermon tape, September 1992:
"And let's look at the following, because if we're only conceived, then many scriptures don't apply to us. Because if we're only conceived then we're only spiritual embryos or spiritual fetuses."

"Galatians 4:6: 'And because you are' what? 'The spiritual embryos'? 'The fetuses'? No, 'because you're the sons of God, has sent forth the Spirit into your hearts crying, "Abba, Father!"' Embryos and fetuses don't cry 'Abba' and 'Father.' They're not capable of language yet."

"Romans 6:3-6: 'Know you not that so many of us were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into His death? Therefore we are buried with Him by baptism into death, that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.' Embryos and fetuses don't walk. They have to be carried in mama's tummy."

The Truth

Herbert W. Armstrong, "Personal," Good News, March 1984:
"Types and antitypes are not always alike in every detail."

Herbert W. Armstrong, Just What Do You Mean — Born Again?:
"A fertilized ovum — an embryo — in NOT a born human person. In the same manner the Spirit-begotten human is not, yet, a SPIRIT PERSON or BEING, as Jesus said he shall be when born again!"

"First, then, notice the physical type and comparison."

"Upon conception, the now fertilized ovum is called an embryo. A few months later it is called a fetus.... It is in the PROCESS towards birth."

"The analogy is this: When begotten by God the Father by receiving His Holy Spirit, we are put into the Church, which during this gestation period is our MOTHER."

"Just as the human fetus develops and grows physically during the PRE-birth gestation period, so WE, after begettal by God's Spirit, develop and grow SPIRITUALLY in PRE-birth state."

"Then, at the time of the resurrection, we in the Church — the spiritual Mother—shall be DELIVERED from her, and born into — brought forth into — the Kingdom — the spirit-composed FAMILY of God." (pp. 17, 18, 19, 20)

Herbert W. Armstrong, "Just What Do You Mean — Born Again!" Plain Truth, February 1962:
"Let's understand what it means to be BORN of God — in what respect one shall be different after he is BORN of God —"

"Jesus used the physical birth as the exact type or illustration!"

"Although we already are begotten SONS of God, we are still FLESH — still matter — still VISIBLE. But WHAT WE SHALL BE has not, yet, appeared. As Jesus explained to Nicodemus, we SHALL BE immortal SPIRIT."

"We know that, when HE, Christ, shall appear at His second coming to earth, WE SHALL BE LIKE HIM [I John 3:2]!"

"After His resurrection, Jesus was INVISIBLE, except when, by a process that is not explained, He was manifested, or made visible, to human eyes."

"After Christ's resurrection, two disciples were walking that Sunday afternoon, on the road to Emmaus. Suddenly Jesus appeared beside them. But, later, He 'vanished out of their sight' (Luke 24:31). The twelve disciples were in a room, with the doors closed, and probably bolted, because they were afraid of the Jews. There was no knock on the door. No door opened. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, Christ APPEARED."


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