Word Definitions

The leading WCG ministers never quoted a dictionary or lexicon to prove the word definitions they used in the "born again" doctrinal change — they just made them up as they went along. K.J. Stavrinides went so far as to say that he understood and taught the real meanings of words, while dictionaries merely gave the common, errononeous useage employed by the general public. But Joseph W. Tkach's bully approach took the absurdity to a whole new level.

The Error

Jospeph W. Tkach, video sermon sent to all WCG congregations, Spring 1993:
"[Shouting] Gennao! It's a word! Look it up!"

Jospeph W. Tkach, video sermon sent to all WCG congregations, August 1993:
"What does gennao mean? Does gennao mean 'conception,' or or does gennao mean 'born again'? Well, I'll tell you. [Shouting] I am here to tell you on the authority of Jesus Christ that gennao means to be 'born again'!! To be 'born from above'!"

The Truth

George F. Will, "Voices of the Nation," Sacramento Bee, January 30, 1998:
"It is a lawyers' axiom: if you have the law on your side, argue the law; if you have the facts on your side, argue the facts; if you have neither, pound the table."

William Lutz, Double-Speak:
"Doublespeak can also mean redefining widely used words, giving them a new meaning that is the opposite of their generally accepted meaning." (p. 217)

"Maybe they use their own private dictionary, the one they write but forget to publish so you can read it." (p. 28)

"The great weapon of power, exploitation, manipulation, and oppression is language. It is only by being aware of the pervasiveness of doublespeak and its function as a tool of ... control that we can begin to fight those who would use language against us." (p. xiii)

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